How you talk about yourself matters

A woman in a grey sweater screaming
A woman in a grey sweater screaming
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The only people who would think anti-racists are miserable are those who celebrate white supremacy as if it’s Christmas

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If you choose to keep your blindfold on, then why should any BIPOC waste their time on you?

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A biracial girl’s hair journey

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Shame is always a poor motivator

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Many people don’t know what sundown towns are, but as the U.S. grows more racially conscious, it’s important to know about their history and continued existence

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While we can be a challenge to be around, being a challenge isn’t the same thing as being toxic

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Many white supremacists take the privilege of driving a car and use it to do harm, terrorize, and murder. What’s worse is that some U.S. states are making it easier for them to do so

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The battle against whiteness begins within ourselves

Photo by Obie Fernandez on Unsplash

Blind compassion isn’t compassion at all. It’s cowardly avoidance and neglect. And it leaves you with blood on your hands.

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

Savannah Worley

writing about my experiences with racism & mental health | #WEOC member | she/her

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