Many white supremacists take the privilege of driving a car and use it to do harm, terrorize, and murder. What’s worse is that some U.S. states are making it easier for them to do so

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How white women’s covert aggression turns them into a Black woman’s nightmare

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While we can be a challenge to be around, being a challenge isn’t the same thing as being toxic

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The battle against whiteness begins within ourselves

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Blind compassion isn’t compassion at all. It’s cowardly avoidance and neglect. And it leaves you with blood on your hands.

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A moment of reflection

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How do you expect any productive dialogue to happen if you force BIPOC to walk on eggshells?

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It is nearly impossible to maintain an “acceptable” number of pounds or a “perfect” body. Bodies change, and we need to accept them when they do

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Mental health stigma often paints people as either rage-filled animals that must be kept under control or feeble-minded five-year-olds

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Savannah Worley

writing about my experiences with racism & mental health | #WEOC member | she/her

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