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Take one down, enjoy the nouns…

Savannah Worley
4 min readAug 16


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This is my 100th article on Medium. It’s also close to my third anniversary on this platform. I started writing on Medium on August 28, 2020.

Writing an average of about 33 articles a year might not sound impressive to some. Still, considering I’m an out-of-practice ex-journalist with mental disorders, I’m impressed with myself. I just now patted myself on the back. I allowed myself to have mint chocolate chip ice cream for breakfast this morning. If I have the money to do so, I might even buy non-alcoholic beer because I’m boring and rarely drink the real stuff.

My sometimes-unstable mental health is part of the reason why my articles are sometimes sparse. Another reason is that I stress quality over quantity, or at least I try to.

I can’t say my very first article was of high quality. This is because: 1. I wasn’t aware of how to best structure and organize articles on Medium, and 2. I was pissed off when I wrote it.

It was about anti-choice activist Abby Johnson who said it would be “smart” for the police to racially profile her biracial son, Jude. However, I didn’t make that particularly clear in the article. Still, I believe I did a good job throwing a pie in Abby’s face. Unlike most writers, I think my first article was satisfactory:

The article that “boosted” me, in a sense, was an article about how mixing spiritual bypassing with white supremacy leads to white people being racist — demonizing Black people who are (understandably) angry. An editor from An Injustice! reached out to me and asked to add the article to their publication. I was ecstatic. Someone read my article! And they wanted to publish it! Yay!

However, for some reason, I foolishly de-metered the article and therefore didn’t earn any money for it. Very smart, Savannah.



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